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Symbiotic Enchantments

2021 Alchemy

You are invited to contribute to this project by making the 2021 Alchemy Symbol, as an opportunity to spend a moment in a place of your choice and recreate the sign as an act of connecting and valuing nature, environment and our place within it. 

The project's only requirement is that you act with consideration for the surroundings, using natural materials and ensure that the environment is respected and unharmed. 

The process has been named Environmental Messaging, and if you would like to send me an image of your version of the symbol I will be selecting contributions to include on this web page and on the instagram page.  Please visit the 2021 Alchemy Gallery to enjoy those already submitted.

You will notice that there is a simplified version of the symbol too, both represent the same message, and you are free to select which is most appropriate to your site and materials. 

I look forward to seeing your moments of enchantment, Juliet

This project is not connected to a religion or political movement, the intent is to simply gift a symbol that means you appreciate a place and have felt connected to it. 

20210301_133400 (1).jpg

Invitation to contribute and an opportunity for enchantment

The symbol is based on ancient signs for Earth, Gold and Protection and combined to form 2021 Alchemy.  The  symbol is designed to be released into the environment; an opportunity for you to experience enchantment.

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