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Juliet Mootz is a multi-disciplinary artist, interested in our natural environment and our relationship with it. 

Through her own work and facilitated workshops, she explores and shares current environmental events; opening conversations through creative and public engagement. Past projects have included Symbiotic Enchantments, where the public were invited to share moments of enchantment by recreating a symbol in a place of their choice and uploading to a public gallery.   Living Shadows existed as an exhibition, an evening of open conversation with ecologists and conservationists, sharing information on Ash Die Back, supported by tailored workshops.   Sky songs and swifts is a project highlighting the decline and action needed to help our swifts, beginning in April 2023.

Over the past year her focus has been on fragility; investigating points of conflict, balance, reconnection and value.

Prints and images, often utilising hand made natural pigments and tools and salvaged materials are presented alongside text and writing in the form of zines and artist books.  

With a background which includes working in theatre and education settings, Juliet has recently achieved a distinction for her MA in Creative Media at University of Worcester, and continues her research into Reparative Land Art.

photograph by Antony 'Griff' Griffiths

Reparative Land Art

Welcome and thank you for finding my site!  I am an Artist and Writer, engaging in exploring the places where art and environment meet.   In a genre termed Reparative Land Art, I seek opportunities to open conversations about our natural environment, to raise awareness and instigate positive action through art interventions and public engagement.

Two current projects are continued research and engagement with Ash Die Back in Living Shadows, and a focus on swifts begins in April with Swifts and the singing sky.

I am open to collaboration and particularly interested to work with those who have ecological and conservation stories which need to be amplified and shared.   I am also interested If you have other ideas for projects, so please do contact me to chat, if I can help I will, or will do my best to guide you to someone who can.

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places, connections, enchantments



photograph by Sarah Jones

I am a multi disciplinary Artist, working in installation, sculpture, print and artist books and zines.  My work explores our human relationships with earth and nature, drawing narratives of the unseen threads of natural connections and seeking links for human re-enchantment and reassessment of value. 

 I originally completed a foundation at Kingston before working in a variety of roles, including theatrical costume, the 90's music scene, Arts Marketing and Promotion. 

While raising my daughter I spent 14 years working in primary education, leading the school to Eco School Green Flag Status and Britain in Bloom Gold Awards, receiving a personal Merit from the RHS.  

Making has always been integral, learning crafts and inventively seeking solutions. 

I am passionate about conservation and environmental protection, and sharing this personal enchantment through art has increasing become my method of communication.

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