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The Swifts are coming! (1).jpg

The swifts have arrived!!
The Sculpture is now up!


photo by Oliver Carpenter



SWIFT DRIFT by Juliet Mootz with The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust & The Worcester Plinth

Juliet Mootz is a multidisciplinary artist working to open conversations and raise awareness of stories in our natural environment. She uses natural and salvaged materials wherever possible and uses simple construction techniques to build and make. Worcestershire Wildlife Trust manages more than 75 special places for wildlife and supports people to help wildlife across the county. Working with members, volunteers, landowners and communities of all sorts, the Trust inspires and encourages people to care for wildlife where they


​Swifts travel 14,000 miles to spend their summers with us but their numbers are plummeting. We can help! Residents in Worcester have been putting up swift boxes to give them space to breed and are planting flowers to support the insects that they need to eat. The swift sculptures will eventually move to new homes around Worcester where communities will pack cut wildflower meadow grass between the woven willows. The sculptures will gradually be reclaimed into the earth and wildflowers will grow, providing new habitat and food sources for the insects, which can feed the returning swifts.


Thanks to Sarah Maggie Jones and University of Worcester Fine Art and Psychology students Abigail Green and Sarah Thorp for assisting with the flower sculptures.  Additional  support appreciated from Jess Mathews (University of Worcester), Matt Duston and @jonthebasket for assistance sourcing


​image of Sarah Thorp, Fine Art and Psychology student (UOW)


New Project with the Malvern Hills National Landscape

The map of Enchanted Connections

Working with local communities within the Malvern Hills, this project will be exhibited in July.  The Exhibition will share the work produced, connecting people with places and moments of enchantment within our Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Autumn Winter Art Classes

What am I Looking at?  A series of workshops exploring art genres with a different subject each week.  These are a blend of discussion and making.

Arte Povera

16 November 2023, Malvern Library


23 November 2023, Malvern Library

land art poster WAILA.jpg

Environmental and Land Art

30 November 2023, Malvern Library

Artist Books and Zines

7 December 2023, Malvern Library

A Bigger Lover Posters (4).jpg

A Bigger Love is an invitation to all to connect with nature creatively.

Latest Project!


Public Participation Movement

A Bigger Love is an invitation to all to connect with nature creatively.

A Bigger Love (2).jpg


Event Next Tuesday 10th January 2023
6pm-7pm Malvern Library, Graham Road, Great Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 2HU

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