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Autumn & Winter 2023

What am I Looking at?  A series of workshops exploring art genres with a different subject each week.  These are a blend of discussion and making.

Arte Povera

16 November 2023, Malvern Library

Arte Povera Session Poster.jpg


23 November 2023, Malvern Library

Sculpture Poster WAILA.jpg

Environmental and Land Art

30 November 2023, Malvern Library

land art poster WAILA.jpg

Artist Books and Zines

7 December 2023, Malvern Library

Artist Books and PrintSession 8 poster.jpg

Workshops, talks & public engagement

Ash die back talk malvern library.jpg
tools VI living shadows.jpg
group bigger love.jpg
niru book bigger love.jpg
Paint and a Pint!_edited.jpg
Sky songs and swifts.jpg

Sky songs and swifts!

Art and our amazing swifts!

These classes are an opportunity to express yourself with a mixture of media, including kitchen pigments and recycled materials, whilst we think about our incredible swifts, their lives, needs and how we can help them, come along if you have info to share or you are keen to learn, all abilities!

Paint and Pint

Relaxed, social and creative!

Times and locations to be announced soon, sign up to the mailing list to be one of the first to hear!  There will also be some coffee creatives, for those who prefer a day to an evening!

New  Events for Spring/Summer 2023

Sky songs and swifts,
Paint and Pint abstract Landscape
The Living Shadow Gallery

An assortment of classes are planned for the warmer months, including social opportunities to come and base in a pub beer garden or coffee shop and create an abstract landscape of the view!

Workshops and talks where we will be using organic materials while exploring how we can help our summer visiting swifts, and continued work with ash materials to open the conversation about ash die back.

Community Projects

#abiggerlove project

An invitation to the public to explore their love of nature and environment on 14th February 2023, brought together a creative group of artists spanning 80 decades!

Contact for community projects

Tailored classes for your needs

Living Shadows, nature patterns

I am happy to work with group and listen to your needs.  Finding solutions and designing tools to assist is integral to the approach I have.  The above image displays stencils designed with touch sensitive guides for Let's See, a visually impaired group of artists.

Open Discussion Ash Die Back

Supporting Living Shadows Exhibition with public talk and workshops

A significant part of my practice is providing spaces to open the conversation about the subject I am working on.  For Living Shadows, ecologists, conservationists, tree experts and land managers came together to explore the issues in an open invitation to the public.

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