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Forest Distribution

An exhibition in collaboration with The Hive, Worcester (20th - 25th April 2020).

Forest Distribution is a conceptual art work, exploring value, environment and fragility. 

Originally designed as an interactive artwork for the 3rd Floor Balcony at the Hive, aiming to link the exhibition experience with the extended environment and landscape.    

Forest Distribution is one part of a journey, a trilogy, a tryptic.  Bringing this exhibition online, has enabled the other art works, River Fall and Return to Source to be exhibited together for the first time.

As a multi layered project, an integral part is the collecting of stories and reflections from the public, linking our own personal experiences with our environment; together building a forest of memories, experiences and values, focussing on trees in particular. 

Recent global developments, with the human threat of Covid 19, have accentuated our human plight and created a paradigm shift; nature and our natural environment begins to flourish, while our human collective strive for survival.  

The relevance of the project has perhaps, never been more relevant.  The exhibition, though altered and adapted to reflect the changes in our new environment, opens an opportunity for discussion, not only of our past and current state, but looking towards a future balance, a reassessment of value, an acknowledgement of fragility and a hope for mutual sustainability.   

Juliet Mootz, Artist

Impossibly fragile, the hand crafted tissue paper bags contain chunks of locally harvested wood, ash, oak and larch, donated to the artist.  Originally destined for firewood their cut surfaces have been brushed with a liquid metallic gold paint, before each piece is balanced and placed within its own paper bag. 

Live footage daily, via the Hive's website


Archive Footage

Monday 20th April 2020

Archive Footage

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Archive Footage

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Archive Footage

Friday 24th April 2020

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