Juliet Mootz Profile


Juliet Mootz is a multi disciplinary Artist, working in installation, sculpture, print and artist books and zines.  Her work explores our human relationships with earth and nature, drawing narratives of the unseen threads of natural connections and seeking links for human re enchantment and reassesment of value.  Committed to working with salvaged and reclaimed materials whereever possible her projects are supported by tactile artist books, aiming to trap the essence of the project to release at later dates.  Juliet originally completed a foundation at Kingston before working in a variety of roles, including theatrical costume assistant, involvement in the music scene during the late 90's, Arts Marketing and Promotion and then in primary education as she raised her daughter.   Throughout her life making has alway been a significant part, learning crafts and finding inventive solutions.   Writing has become a significant part of her life over the past 15 years, offering text and content